Here's where I write down my thoughts for the day. I'll try and update this kinda frequently, but i can't garuantee anything ;w;

10th April 2024
Mood - Alive

hi stranger. it's been a while.
i'm sorry i havent updated this site for a long time. i'll be totally honest, i haven't been doing so hot lately. been pretty sick, and late last year i was in and out of hospital. i'm doing better (physically) now, but my motivation and energy is low, and i haven't really found the drive to update my many websites. i'd love to say "but now i've been struck with the motivation so i'll be overhauling the entire site!" but alas, i have not. ive basically had to put all of my projects on the backburner, and that includes this site, sadly. but fear not! this website will remain online until i feel the urge to do something again. i wont be taking any of my sites offline or anything. i hope you all have a great day/night wherever you are. love you!

28th February 2023
Mood - Birthday thing!

well hey there! i just turned 20 today!
a lot has happened to me over the last year, and im thankful for most of it. very intense character development but i think i came out the other end a better person. here's to (hopefully) many more years to come!
heres a thing i drew for myself :3

30th January 2023
Mood - Cool!

I went clothes shopping recently and finally was able to grab some brightly colored clothes,, I luv rainbows x3

23th December 2022
Mood - Tired

Heyyyyy, sorry for the inactivity!! My CFS beat my ass in the qrts but im (somewhat) back to my usual state now!
I played pokemon SV and i'm now hyperfixating over one (1) character because 'tism!!!!!! (the character is turo)
but yeah! thats about it right now. not much has changed but hopefully ill get back into updating my website regularly ^-^

24th September 2022

im doing SO WELL RIGHT NOW!!!!!! I havent felt so good for years. im doing really good at college and ive picked up some new hobbies!!! my fav atm is making kandi bracelets!! i've even started making custom polymer clay beads!!! here's a pic of some bracelets ive made >3<

17th September 2022
Mood - Epic

I just finished my first week of college! It's super weird to me, but im REALLY loving it so far. I'm doing applied science, and its super confusing but really really interesting. i'm taking pride in my work and ive met a bunch of new people, it's absolutely awesome!! i feel like im finally living my best life x3

5th September 2022
Mood - Abhorrent

just once i would like to see them win (me)

30th August 2022
Mood - Elated

Just a silly entry about how much I love my friends!!!
You're all the most wonderful people I've ever met, and I cant thank you enough for helping me stay sane over the past few weeks. If any of you are reading this, I love you all!!! <3

29th August 2022
Mood - Mad

Well, I've been fueled by pure anger, and now I'm redoing a large portion of this site. New cloud theme, baby! Plus, a W.I.P page for my webcomic ;) Anyway I'm a being of pure anger rn but its alright because I have preordered splatoon 3 and i'm so damn hyped its not even funny

22nd August 2022
Mood - Fine

Today marks the first day of working on my website! If you're reading this, I either didn't bother to update the website or my diary since it's beginning, or you scrolled all the way down here!! If you did, then wow, that's pretty determined of you!! I'd give you a cookie if i could!
Anyway, I got home from a camping trip yesterday, and while I was there I compiled a huge list of stuff to do when I got home. This was one of the tasks- making my own website! It's mostly spaghetti code, and it's very rudementary, but I've been having fun putting everything together. I hope you have as much fun visiting as I had making it!!